Meet Just Heather

Just Heather is the mother of three tow-haired girls. One that rolls her eyes too often, one that has a flair for the dramatic breakdown and one that won’t stop twirling—EVER. These three beautiful, intelligent and sassy girls have made her just a little crazy. Add to the mix the Geek who stole her heart, and now you understand why she needs a nightly bubble bath to make it to the next day. Well, a nightly bubble bath and Reese’s Peanut butter cups—but I won’t judge her chocolate intake.

That’s what makes us symbiotic. I don’t judge her chocolate indulgence and she won’t judge my red wine consumption. We are equally split on our respective Sunkist/Diet Coke consumption, so there are no harsh words spoken there. And, we both understand the other can’t afford a housekeeper, so our expectations aren’t set too high on the ability to keep a clean house. We don’t pretend to be something that we aren’t; we just make it work.

Even though we share a fictional boyfriend and sometimes don’t share enough CosmoMom time, we share a desire to support and uplift the other. She is my cheerleader, my confidant, my partner in crime and the one person I can call in the middle of the night for ANYTHING. Together, we make one decent Mom, and, apart, the messes we make are indescribable.

When you hear laughing in the movie theater that is way too loud, or giggling in the grocery store that seems inappropriate, probably look for us. We may even buy you a drink—if we aren’t being thrown out of the establishment already.