Meet Hoosier Party Girl

To knowhpg“title=”Hoosier Party Girl” > Hoosier Party Girl is to love her. She has a door wreath for every occasion, and probably a banner to match. She celebrates everything from half birthdays to national holidays in style.

When she was ready to become a mom, she emailed us, the Cosmo Moms (each of us personally, not our info box email), and said she was looking for mom friends. She was very complimentary in her email, so of course we all replied. She became a regular at Margarita Monday, as they say, the rest is history.

Little did we know her preferred drink is tequila straight up, with just a twist of lime. No wonder she was all about the .99 margaritas, though I highly doubt she knew quite what she was getting into.

We’re all glad that Hoosier Party Girl moved past the “Hey, I know you on the Internet” to being a friend in real life. The kind of friend you can drop your kid off with at 7:15am in the morning, before school, so you can make it downtown with your other kid for an early morning appointment.

Yes, Hoosier Party Girl does the friend thing well. She’s sort of the quintessential Cosmo Mom, only with tequila.