Our True Story AKA About The Cosmo Moms

The Cosmo Moms grew from a desperate desire for grownup friendship and became a near-weekly necessity in the lives of these 5 women. We are the secret keepers, the dry shoulders, the bubbly laughter, and we’re in constant contact. That doesn’t mean we can reach one another at any given time. It means that at any given time, we probably spoke 5 minutes ago.

We share everything, from cocktail recipes to parenting tips to heartbreak and joy. It is this commune, this tribe of women that makes the daily grind tolerable (and mostly awesome). We carefully combine work and play while we take much needed time to laugh (too loud) together.

Friendship is important throughout life, but when you become a mom, you place your own friendships on the back burner while you focus on the relationships centered around your children’s lives. The Cosmo Moms keep friendship in the forefront and connect often. It’s a friendship based on our likes and interests, not our kids or families.

The Cosmo moms have recreated the neighborhood coffee klatch, online. We have communal living down in an age where sharing isn’t the norm. Between us, we can plan a party in an hour, rearrange for a friend in need, and call emergency margaritas when necessary at the last minute.

In this age of connectivity, it is easy to be disconnected from real people even while being social all day long. Our souls crave connection to real people, deeper than what we share online. While meeting for drinks or brunch is helpful, the key to the Cosmo Moms is allowing each other to be real, to be weak, to be who we truly are, offering love, encouragement, and loyalty.

With cosmos in hand.