TCM Gossary

Our friendship has evolved into more of a family. Or a commune — whatever. As a result, we kind of have our own language. Words added to the vernacular one drunken night or co-opted from our children. We weave them into everyday life as if they were real words. Which is kinda what makes them real.

For those of you not up to date on the new, cosmo version of reality, here are a few of our favorite totally real — but completely made-up — words:

3rd Monday: Official Cosmo Moms girls’ night; sometimes but not always the 3rd Monday of the month; it’s really more of a state of mind than a calendar date
eleventy: a really big, unidentifiable number; not quite infinity
friendish: somewhere over the line between acquantaince and true friends
friendiversary: a celebration of the day we became more than friendish
lasterday: sometime in the past; before yesterday
o’dark-thirty: really, really early in the morning (For the record, o’dark-thirty existed long before Zero Dark Thirty.)