Meet FairyTale Mom

Fairytale Mom used to live right down the street, but now she’s not nearly close enough. She is my fashion coach, my bartender and my best friend. Fairy Tale Mom is the one I call when everything is falling apart. She keeps my secrets and encourages even my wildest dreams.

FTM hates her job but loves her family with every fiber of her being. The Princess would be the center of her world, but she’s smarter than that. She knows, sometimes, Mommy just needs a cocktail. Or three.

We’re the same, Fairytale Mom and me. We both desperately need a housekeeper, except we’d have to clean too much before we let her in. We share the same fictional boyfriend. And, together, we make one, really great mom.

Our favorite movie theater has both a bar and a concession stand. Because popcorn absolutely goes with vodka. Julie’s true home is a castle. Her head was made to wear a crown. And, a cosmo? Is her favorite thing in a martini glass.

Just keep her a way from the gin & tonic.