12 Fabulous Cocktails for Your Summer Party

Summer Cocktail Recipes from TheCosmoMoms.comSummer is upon us, and we are looking forward to months without carpool and packing lunches. The Cosmo Kids will get together regularly for amazing summer fun, play dates, and sleepovers. And the Cosmo Moms will continue 3rd Monday, 1st Monday, and the occasional Cosmo Cookout.

Our margaritas will be frozen, our wine will be poured over fresh fruit, and our rum punch recipe will make a regular appearance. It’s been my favorite summer drink since the very beginning, but Pinterest is tempting me to branch out a little.

Here are 12 fabulous cocktail recipes to try on your next summer gathering:

  • Frozen Boozy Bomb Pop: Remember summers filled with ice cream trucks and drippy bomb pops? Try this grownup version, featuring 3 flavors of vodka.
  • Firecracker Cocktail: Here’s a real firecracker of a cocktail for your 4th of July celebration! It blends vodka, blue curaçao, and grenadine for a patriotic drink.
  • Vodka Root Beer Floats: You guys! It’s a root beer float. With vodka. Root beer. Ice cream. Vodka. Done!
  • Citroen Summer Sunset: How pretty is this sunset cocktail? This reminds me of warm summer days, outside watching the sunset — cocktail in hand.
  • Wine Slushie: Summer simply begs for slushies. And after a long summer day with 4 kids, I’m just begging for wine. It’s a match made in heaven.
  • Sneaky Beach Cocktail: With 3 different liquors, this one will definitely sneak up on you! It looks like a fun, refreshing drink for a day at the beach.
  • Pink Lemonade Champagne: If the neighborhood lemonade stand could sell these, I’m pretty sure the line would be around the block.
  • Red Rooster Slushies: Here’s another summer slushie. This time with vodka — bam!
  • Tequila Melon Ballers: Is there anything more perfect for summer than watermelon? Apparently, only if you add tequila.
  • Indian Summer Cocktail: How gorgeous is this summer cocktail? It features peach schnapps, mango puree and champagne which sounds as delicious as it looks.
  • Champagne Popsicles: Pour champagne over cocktails for a simple and tasty summer drink. We are definitely trying this one!
  • S’mores Martini: Campfire s’mores were the star of our 1st Cosmo Cookout. Next time? We’ll add liquor.


  1. Mmmm, the Champagne Cocktails are definitely calling out to me. Bet they are just too much fun to eat, too.


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